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Please read before submitting an application


As Helping Wheel grows and expands to new counties, there seems to be confusion about what we provide financial aid for. Due to limited funding, we only provide equipment and aid to limited activities. If your activity is included in the criteria below, please apply. If your activity is not listed in either category and you are unsure if you can apply, please feel free to email us a

What we Cover

- a sports team provided by the school within the county we partner with

- a club fee that is through your school

- a field trip that is through a club you are in 

- AP testing 

- GED testing for students who are still in school i.e.: 5th-year seniors, who would like to take the test instead of receiving a high school diploma 

What we do not cover

- sports teams that are through a private entity i.e. the YMCA

- field trips that are not through a club

- Duel Enrollment 

- SAT/ACT testing

- prom/homecoming tickets 

- College application fees

For students who are applying individually, we typically have a personal financial cap of $250. For organizations that apply, this cap increases to $500. This does differ by situation and the funding we have at the time. If your activity exceeds this amount, still feel free to apply, but it is not guaranteed that we can help with all your financial/equipment needs. 


If you need our services, please fill out the form below.

English Application:

Spanish application:

Organization application:


Someone will be in contact with you regarding the application soon after submission. Please expect to have email communication with us for at least a few days after submission. We understand that everyone may not be able to communicate through email. If this is true, please specify in the application and someone will reach out through phone call/text. If you do not communicate with us after the application is submitted, we are not able to help you. This application may be filled out by the student, parent, or school counselor. If you do not have access to the internet at your home, this application can be filled out through public internet such as at a school or library. If you are still having issues, please contact your school's counseling office. Someone will be in contact with you shortly regarding this issue. 

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